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November 22, 2013
Dear Colleague,

Randy Maniloff, a prominent insurance commentator from Washington D.C., noted that Ewing Construction Co., Inc. v. Amerisure Insurance Co. "is probably the most closely watched coverage case in the country right now." Well, as the holidays approach, the watching party may extend into 2014. Indeed, the Supreme Court of Texas typically issues opinions on Fridays when the Court had scheduled internal conferences during that week. Today was one of those Fridays and, while 3 opinions were issued, Ewing was not one of them. The next and last Friday that falls on a conference week is December 13, 2013 (yes, Friday the 13th). Spooky.
We will certainly be writing at length about the Court's decision when it comes down. For now, we are just thankful to be able to say: We've Got You Covered. It would have been a shame if, right before Thanksgiving, we had to change the firm's slogan to: We Used to Have You Covered. 

Rest assured that we will be hitting the refresh button on our internet browser every 2.5 seconds from 9:00 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. each Friday until the opinion is issued. And, of course, we will continue to report on other significant insurance law developments from around Texas and the Fifth Circuit. 

Shidlofsky Law Firm also is proud to announce the addition of Josh Wilson, who recently joined the firm as an associate. If we prevail in Ewing, he gets no credit.  If we lose, it's all Josh's fault. That's just how life works.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Lee Shidlofsky
Member of Shidlofsky Law Firm 

Douglas P. Skelley
Senior Associate of Shidlofsky Law Firm